Welcome to US Armed Forces Museum Aviation Page

    The National US Armed Forces Museum Aviation Squadron is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the public and veterans. We strive to provide a familiar environment for veterans to bond and serve together in service to our community. In doing so we fulfill a great privilege and opportunity to display and educate to the public America’s great military history and to honor those who served. We attend public events with display of military vehicles and aircraft. Our members are volunteers who work with personal resources to restore ad maintain museum vehicles and aircraft.

    We have also had the opportunity to answer the call when the community is in need. Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and we were able to use museum assets to navigate the city and provide assistance with high profile vehicles and security for areas inaccessible to standard vehicles. Transportation of evacuees and delivering food and water to communities and homes trapped or isolated by flood water. It was our privilege to answer the call and ready to assist again if needed.

    If you see us at public function be sure to stop and say hello to our crews! If you would like a tour of the museum, visit us at:

    8611 Wallisville Road

    Houston, TX 77029

    Our CH-46E Sea Knight is located at West Houston Airport.